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Scott Woolley, 09.06.04

DMP2 Pull into your garage and this gadget links up to your wireless home Wi-Fi network. It then downloads the latest additions from your MP3 music collection into your car.

Super Cell Phones Two of radio's classic selling points are local traffic reports and sports. New cell phones download just the traffic info you need, conveniently overlaid onto GPS-linked maps. They can also tune in baseball games.

Prismiq Sitting on top of your home stereo, new "media adapters" can wirelessly tap your PC's MP3 library--or open entirely new musical horizons by tapping thousands of Internet radio stations.

Apple Airport Express with Airtunes Like the Prismiq, Apple's latest gadget is aimed at bringing Internet radio (and MP3 collections) to your home stereo. This gadget takes up less space and makes installation a snap.

Radioshark "TiVo for radio." This gadget records AM/FM radio and converts it to an MP3 file. Download Howard Stern onto your iPod and listen at your whim--and you can fast-forward past all those ads.