This was only a test site; as we realized there were hundreds of large complexes scattered around Las Vegas, that had better layouts and even more units than the Sportsman's Manor. Many complexes had over thousand units and many right next to other large complexes.

It did not takes us long or many transmitters to place a population of over 50,000, within our coverage area with a strong signal. We only scratched the surface; there are thousands upon thousands such large scale complexes around the west.

Technology makes it easy to link all the transmitters together; using various methods. From simple short distant wireless links to Barix; for longer crosstown links.

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150 - 200ft coverage
C.Crane transmitter review
These transmitters are intended to be used to broadcast around the house. Normal range is between 70 & 300ft.

The C.Crane can be adjusted to extend range a bit. Some report a range up to 750ft, after the adjustment.

Both transmitters are Part 15 as purchased.
Radio the way it use to be.
Traditional analog broadcast studio
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Proper way to install a PL259 connector using a reducer
Seeburg 1000 Shoutcast stream
Seeburg 1000 background music system used by some FM radio stations to broadcast subscription music on the subcarrier. You can listen to this
one by clicking on the image.
Small Signal Big Audience
A short stay at this facility, gave us a big ideal!
This is the Sportsman Manor in Las Vegas, Nevada. It does not look like much from the front; but it is a 600 unit short stay apartment complex. It also has a convenient store,  gas station, restaurant and bar on the property.
With the average of two people to a unit at 600 units; that is 1,200 people we thought could easily be covered with a few part 15 FM transmitters and or a part 15 AM transmitter like the Procaster.

Like many places, the FM band in Las Vegas is pretty full from all the move ins. Not to mention Las Vegas has lots of high power FM's with 100,000 watt signals.

Testing the ideal: Because this was a short stay facility; we were test penetration in a number of units. That was important because this was a series of three story buildings on an odd shape property.

Results: Two well placed FM transmitters provided a strong signal over the entire complex. An AM transmitter was also used during the test to see if it was strong enough to get past all the EMI in such a facility; with the transmitter connected to a buildings ground provided an intense signal right where it was needed.

Yellow ring represents our AM daytime coverage with a very good signal.
Dark gray is our very strong day/night coverage areas.

Outer ring is our coverage area with a single Ramsey FM30b transmitter
using the stock antenna.

Ramsey FM30b transmitter
Equipment Used in
Apartment Network
Used for distances 300ft or less
Used for distances up to five miles
Used for crosstown and interstate linking
Ramsey FM30b, used in many complexes because of easy set up and good coverage with included antenna.
EDM LCD used in very large complexes of 2000
 units or more.The EDM is also used when large complexes
are adjacent to each other or when overload is an
issue from strong RF from the FM's.
Studio to Transmitter
Transmitter to Transmitter Links
Ramsey TM100
Antenna Clone!
Construction and review of a TM100 clone, for those using low power Ramsey transmitters and on a tight budget.

TM 100 Clone antenna review
Switching from a small cable like
RG58 to a larger cable like LM400 can dramatically improve your coverage area and penetration into homes in the neighborhhod.

Hobby broadcaster using Ramsey's FM100b
Retro DJ Equipment
Retro DJ equipment from the 70's and 80's
Analog equipment still in big demand, based on the selling price of such equipment on E-Bay. Some gear is selling for more than its original selling price, by as much as triple the original price.
Transmitters Used in
Apartment Network
LPB Console, with UMC cart machines; which are identical to ITC PD II series.
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