Radio Brandy has decided to launch its own HD radio station:;EDM Style!
Our oldies station has been on the air almost non-stop for over three years with EDM's LED transmitter. We decided to add the same format to a new frequency to highlight the LCD transmitter; the new frequency has only limiting and almost zero compression. It is not as loud as the LED frequency, but sounds more like a CD going straight to air, in an A-B test with an HD radio station from LA, everyone agreed that Radio Brandy's oldies station sounded much better than the so called HD station. We were able to play the same songs because someone sent us over the play list of that station, so we just duplicated it on our computer.
  Even with talk programming from satellite radio the difference really stands out! In our test we fed the output from an Audiovox XM radio straight into the LCD, and we left the Audiovox modulator on for the A-B test. First we found out that the older Audiovox radio’s must put out over 10 milliwatts based on coverage when compared to the LCD at 10 milliwatts and the wire antenna stretched out vertically. In the back of our ranch, the Audiovox had no background noise, yet the LCD had a bit of noise in the background. No worries; we connected our Maxrad 6600 whip antenna to the LCD and added an extra ½ mile to coverage.  The difference in audio quality sticks out like a sore thumb, even on a News channel, if you have an XM or Sirius radio, the LCD is a must have for improved coverage and sound quality.
EDM Design
Perfection Meets The FM Dial!
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We still want to know how the old Audiovox does it!
Three blocks on such a little package!