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Making Money With Your Part 15 Transmitter
Broadcast sponsored high school
football games to fans and neighbors
Advertise store special to visitors while they
look for a parking place.
Promote new housing developments

Advertise businesses and special events to
folks waiting for long lights at
crowded intersections in your city
Local fairgrounds are a great resource. Advertise during special events and county fairs promoting venders while providing parking and
information about the event.
 Turning your part 15 transmitter, into a money making business; is not going to make you a millionaire overnight.

Depending on the client and location; you should be able to make around $130 a day per a transmitter. Promoting new real estate developments and car dealerships should  yield the highest income; while dealing with the fewest clients.

At busy intersections and shopping center locations; your clients could be small businesses or car dealerships. Merchants tucked away in a large mall could use your service to promote specials and help customers locate their business.

Charge such businesses a reasonable rate; say around the price of a column inch in the local newspaper. Our local paper charges $37 a column inch; so we charge $37 a day.

The spots are 30 to 60 seconds; depending on the clients needs. With only 12 clients @ $37 a day; that yields $444 a day. The spots are loaded onto an MP3 player and are broadcast in a loop or random order.

We normally would only sell time for the weekends in our bedroom community for maximum inpact. Fridays can be used to promote local clubs and bands playing in the area. Saturdays & Sundays are for all other businesses.

Now here is how you grow your business and increase income. The above rates we established are for one transmitter location; you can double your income simply by adding another transmitter location.

You could have a transmitter set up at the local auto mall, promoting the dealerships or set up at an individual dealership, and turn it into a talking car lot. Charging a car dealership a $100-200 for a weekend for your services; is chump change to the dealership; if they draw a few clients into the showroom or onto the lot.

Another sponsored transmitter could be set up at the MegaPlex theater on the weekend; to give parents dropping off their kids, the real start and end times for the movies; as well as ratings and other important information so parents are better informed about the movies their kids are viewing.

The theater transmitters are peppered with spots between screens: One of our theater has 22 screens; so we provide information on two or three screens; followed by a :30 spot, then back to more screens. On some weekends, a car dealership will sponsor the  the entire weekend. In cases like that; the spots are only :15.

The income opportunities, are only limited by your imagination! The start up and operation cost are relatively low, compared to the income potential.

The equipment needed to turn your part 15 transmitter into an income generator or start fresh with
dedicated equipment for your own business.

You will need to choose between AM & FM or use both! AM transmitters have a potential to cover a greater area; they tend to be less portable than FM and need access to good ground. AM transmitters are  more exposed to theft and vandalism; because it must remain outside.

FM transmitters can easily be hidden in car or van; which limits the potential for theft or vandalism. FM transmitters are somewhat limited to line of site. FM can suffer from reception problems if there are to many trees or other obstacles are present. An example where using an FM transmitter might present a problem; would at a large mall. The FM signal may not be able to penetrate the structure to a parking lot on the other side of a large mall. You can always add another transmitter to cover other side of the mall.
The Procaster AM transmitter, is now available with a built in MP3 player that uses USB drives for storage. The Procaster, also has a built in audio limiter - compressor which keeps your audio levels lound and constant. Tuning is much easier with the Procaster, which may reduce coverage when compared other part 15 AM transmitters on the market.
FM transmitters like the Ramsey FM30, can easily cover a very large mall parking lot with a whip antenna on the roof of a van. Keep in mind: Most car radios only need a 1.9microvolt signal; to provide a good signal. The chart below, shows you could provide a signal to a 114 acre parking lot with a part 15 FM signal.
A low cost Mp3 player, can be used to play audio files for hours. Files can be shuffled or played in order; and be deleted if a client bails at the last minute.
The chart represents the coverage you can expect from a part 15 FM transmitter; the Ramsey FM30, can exceed part 15 FM coverage; with an external antenna.
This simple FM set; will provide you with quality sound and good coverage. All you need to add is an MP3 player and a computer to produce and load the MP3 player with your files.

The must have piece of equipment for your micro radio business, will be  your biggest investment! A vehicle to house and park your equipment in; a van works best if you are going to use FM. The van roof offers the largest surface for a whip antenna's ground plane and it's higher than most other vehicles.


Pays better than
Internet advertising!

We charge our clients a daily rate of $35; which includes spots in rotation with 12 other clients for 10hrs at a high traffic location like the mall.

With only 12 clients signed up at $35 each; that produces $420 gross income in a single day.
That's over $1,600 a month for only a few days of work a month.

There are expenses to consider for your business:
Expenses generating the client base
You could hire out of work sales account executives from area radio stations.

Travel Expenses
Cost of gas to and from the location; you may wish to stay near the vehicle, or drop it off.

Production Cost
You could offer this to client for an additional fee.

You could always increase the number of clients in rotation or add a day, to enhance revenue. Adding another locations could also enhance revenue with minimum investment.

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