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After the audio mixer, the audio processor is very important to a good sounding FM radio station. The processor provides a consistent audio level to the transmitter without over modulating. The Behringer MDX 1600 is a cost effective processor; that will give your radio station a clean sound without over modulating.
Using a high quality transmitter not only helps to make your radio sound good; but it helps to eliminate harmful interference to other broadcasters and radio services. The EDM LCD is a high quality transmitter; its output is well filtered and lacks any harmful spurious signals that could result in a visit.

The Ramsey FM30b is a nice alternative to the EDM; if you don't need the power output of the EDM LCD. The Ramsey's power output is stated as 25 milliwatts; but closer to 18mw.
Poor quality RF cable can cause high SWR; sucking up your signal before it ever makes it to your antenna. RG-8 or LM400 is best: 100' of LM400 cable has a 1.2db loss @ 100mhz. 100' of RG58 cable has a 5.6db loss @ 100mhz. Stick with quality cable; like Belden and Time.

Avoid cheap connectors like the plaque! Not only are cheap connectors hard to solder to; but have greater signal loss than quality connectors do. Use quality brands like: Amphenol; to avoid problems.
The last and most important item in the broadcast chain is the antenna. A quality well made and tuned antenna; can substantially increase your coverage area without increasing your transmitting power. Our custom dipole easily covers twice as far with 100 milliwatts; as our one watt station, with a tunable 1/4 wave ground plane. Two to three miles is common with our custom dipole @ 30' above ground; we are able to get over six miles with our antenna from our desert test location. With a one watt input: 15-21 miles is common with our Ultimate FM Broadcast Dipole Antenna.
The items below appear in the order they are used in the broadcast chain.
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