The studio set up above consist of the following equipment

2 Aiwa ADF-400 cassette decks
The Aiwa's have been refurbised with new belts that became very hard to find, we like the Aiwa's for their fast action transport. we have the Aiwa's in several of our studios.

1 Sony MDS-JE330 mini disc
A must have for any studio, the JE330 has auto pause after each track is played like a cart machine.

1 Sony R37 mini disc
A nice mini disc portable, easy on the batteries, and manual record level controls

Yamaha MG10/2
This featured packed little mixer features: four stereo inputs and two mono mic/line inputs, cue is available via the aux send pot; counter-clockwise is PFL, clockwise is after.

3 ITC Delta cart machines
ITC Delta cart machines feature outstanding tape handling and sound quality, standard XLR connectors and low power drain. We have nine playback decks and two record decks, plus a few units for spare parts. one spare parts deck has brought life back to four of our decks, "not bad deal for nine bucks!" and we still have more parts.
Behind the Yamaha mixer is a portable Fender guitar amp is powered by a 9 volt battery; this little amp is used as a cue speaker.
Mic is a Peavey 37, we like the mic for its big bottom sound.
Off camera, is a 2 band
BEHRINGER Ultramizer Pro DSP-1424P The DSP-1424P has become a staple around all of our studios.
Remote Studio 1
Remote Studio 2
We can feed two separate transmitters with this set up above which consist of the following equipment.

BEHRINGER Ultramizer Pro DSP-1425P The DSP-1425P

3 Aiwa ADF-400 cassette decks
The Aiwa's have all been refurbished with new belts.

Shure Audio Master
This processor is used to clean up phone calls
Shure M67 Mixer
This mixer is used to combine the four guest mics into a single pot on the Yamaha MG10/2
Shure SE30
Our three ITC Deltas cart machines are fed into the SE30, the Aux out feeds a pot on the Yamaha and the line out feeds a separate processor for our second FM
Yamaha MG10/2

3 ITC Delta cart machines

Microphones are
Sennheiser 421u

This set up uses the left channel speaker for cueing . We wish we could find another Fender amp!

This working set up was built for a movie about an underground radio station,  We use it when two remotes are required.
Outlaw Radio is a part 15 FM station in Ridgecrest, California. the studio is a simple set up located in a hotel room on the second floor, a 1/4wave ground plane antenna is mounted in the center of the room on a high beam. this location provides good line of sight coverage for about a half mile.
The computer on the left is a 700mhz with XP Pro(we found this computer siting outside a dump gate in Keene, CA.) it has Winamp with SQRsoft Crossfading and Sonicart. the computer on the right is a 350mhz running Win98SE with Sonicart.
Outlaw Radio uses Sonicart running on both computers as cart machine subsitutes. Sonicart uses F Keys 1-10 to start-stop the first 10 carts loaded, single cart play option is selected to prevent the next cart from starting

  Close up picture shows two XM radios to the left and top of the Behringer DSP1425P. The mixer on the table is a Behringer 602A with two mono and two stereo, metering on the 602 is less than ideal, metering on the DSP1425P makes up for its short comings. The mic is a Senn.421
  XM radios are used for overnight programming, and hourly news. These XM Radios are older Audiovox's before the FCC had their modulator power output cut way back, both units cover a good city block with ease.
Outlaw Radio is equipped with a UPS capable of keeping the station on the air for three hours during the areas many long power outages, a seperate 400 watt inverter is used to extend the period to 24 hours. Often Outlaw Radio is the only station on the air!
1. The computers are not used during outages, instead XM radios are used along with a weather radio.
It's called Outlaw Radio for a reason
EDM 10-100mw transmitter outside it's case, Outlaw Radio uses two in a main - stand by configuration, only one drawback to these transmitters we have found so far; is that the RF connector can break if to much pressure is applied. "Be Very Careful" otherwise these are the best transmitters in their class.
Our EDM's are configered for 100 milliwatt output.
Radio Brandy broadcast Workshop

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