The FCC is considering low cost and expansive rule changes that could force radio stations in smaller markets, and stations serving specialized audiences, to do what they are licensed to do!

The FCC wants to require local radio stations to relocate facilities (studios) back to the city they are licensed to serve, providing local jobs and renewed growth to a community, the new jobs will bring- very reasonable items for a so called local radio station.

If these proposals are adopted, it would be good for true local radio, also for new entrepreneurs - often from groups not traditionally found among mega broadcaster radio station owners.

Smaller markets have traditionally had been a gateway to media ownership because the costs are more reasonable, an important portal of local economic opportunity!

The idea behind these proposals is to both better serve local communities and increase economic opportunity. But however much the purveyors of these proposals believe in their theories, they are neglecting our enormous profits we take out of the local community.
Keep Your Neighborhood Radio Station On The Air, And In The Hands Of  Greedy Mega Broadcasters!
For instance, one proposal would force radio stations to curtail reliance on labor-saving (Local Jobs) technology and, instead, force them to pay someone which would provide more economic growth to the community to be on duty in case of an emergency such as an Earthquake or Tornado, any time the station is on the air, day or night. This would be true even when a radio station is receiving out of the area programming by satellite which does nothing to serve in the community interest, and is unmonitored by computer systems by non responsible personnel who have been laid off by even more cost cutting moves.

Another proposal would force many groups of smaller stations that now co-locate their studios and offices regionally to instead maintain separate facilities for each station providing even more jobs for the local community, this is more than fair and important for public safety.

Instead of spending money on lobbyist to influence congress in cheating you out of your local radio station, we would be required to provide a service to the public, station owners would be forced to divert money from greasing local legislators pockets.

The FCC is even considering forcing stations to provide time to local community groups that requests it, sometimes known as public service announcements

But greedy mega broadcasters like Clear Channel do not want to provide this public service.  those who struggle every day just trying to keep the lights on will not be able to relate to the millions of dollars in profits we make from those radio stations we have taken away from your local community.
These proposals come at a time when profits are at an all time high do to the massive slashing of few jobs left in broadcasting & cutbacks reducing over all operational costs quickly.

Proponents of the FCC changes appear to be motivated by community safety and service. These proposals seem more than fare when you consider the massive profits we broadcasters are taking in.

But community service is not of our concern, if it was, we would not have removed your local radio station in the first place.
It will instead lead to less profits for us in smaller markets, and less opportunity for excessive greed and force us to provide more local programming, which could lead to more local opportunities for good paying jobs.

These proposals ignore the greed of the mega broadcasters like (Mitt Romney's Bain Capitol) The new owners of Clear Channel, and CBS the most greedy economic actors will respond to the proposed government mandates by either lobbying congress with some of our millions to kill the proposal or

(1) By creating propaganda websites like this one, hoping you will buy our misleading statements or out right lies, or by
(2) instilling fear that we might forgo the millions of dollars we make every month, by getting out of the business once gains start to replace high profits with even higher profits.

There is no interest in "public interest" it's all about our huge profits being diminished.

The FCC must not let community service take precedence over greedy broadcasters. It must drop these more than fair government mandates from consideration - NOW, before we greedy broadcasters have to spend one dime serving in the public interest.


The FCC is taking comments on these proposals. You can add your comments to the record. The FCC can only make rule changes based on evidence - and the evidence you submit can make a difference! Tell them how greedy we broadcasters are! and you could careless about public safety and your local community radio station.

By Mail

By Internet

Write your
Senators & Congressman

Send a letter, specifying what the FCC must not do and why. Make sure you place the docket number on top of the letter to be sure it is delivered to the correct office: MB Docket No. 04-233, Comments in Response to Localism Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

Visit the
Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
Electronic Comment File Submission

You can also write to your Senators and Congressman. Tell them that our huge profits are threatened. Describe the problematic FCC proposals and the harm they will cause our bottom line, if they are adopted. Also tell them you are aware of the lobbyist for the NAB greasing some of their pockets.

Sample Comments
(pdf |doc)

Using the US Postal Service,

Mail your comments, so they arrive by
Feb. ___, 2008 to:
The Secretary
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554
Attn: Chief, Media Bureau.

Or using FedEx, UPS, DHL or similar services:
The Secretary
Federal Communications Commission
9300 East Hampton Drive
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
Attn: Chief, Media Bureau

You must enter 04-233 the box marked Proceeding then complete all the required form entries (such as name and address) and as many of the optional entries as appropriate.

You then have two options for presenting comments:

(1) Type comments in the text box at the bottom of the web page marked “Send a Brief Comment to FCC (typed-in)”
(2) Upload a document using the box marked “Send Comment Files to FCC (Attachments),” taking care to correctly designate the uploaded file’s protocol (e.g. PDF, Word, ASCII, etc.)
Sample Comments
(pdf |doc)

Once either typed in or uploaded, press the appropriate button to SEND your comment to the FCC. You will receive a confirmation of submission, usually within a few seconds.

Visit the
Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
Electronic Comment File Submission

Contact information for your Senator is available at

Contact information for your Congressman is available at

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