Radio Brandy's
Mini Studio
The Studio can program two different
station, one mono one stereo. The entire studio sits on top of a five foot table.
On top from left to right: Sony 9 band Equalizer a Shure mini broadcast  production console, Alesis 3630 compressor on the bottom of 3630 is a
Sony MDS- JE330 Mini Disc followed by 17" monitor with Sonicart on it.
On the bottom between bricks Behinger MX602A, ITC cart machines: PDII, Delta & SP all mono.

Shure M67 & M675
The mini production console has 4 Mic and Line on the M67, 4 Line and 2 Turntables with detent cue and mini speaker to monitor program or cue, The M675 also has battery compartment on the bottom which hold six 9 volt batteries    powering both the M67&675 for up to 140 hrs of operation. Switch over between mains and batteries is transparent.

Shure M67 & M675
The cart machines feed the Shure Mixer, while the computer and mini disc feed the Behringer 602.  
The Shure is available on input 2 on the 602 for simulcasting. The mic feeds both mixers
ITC Cart Machines
Radio Brandy still makes heavy use of cart machines in all studios. The cart machine is an in house format, meaning the tape is not intended to be used outside of the studio.
Our cart machines are well maintained and of top quality.
We have yet to have a cart freeze up requiring a five minute reboot, the same can't be said for our computers!

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Updated: DEC 4, 2014
Sonicart 2.0
Radio Brandy uses Sonicart 2.2
Sonicart is a jingle encoding, scheduling and playback system designed for small community based radio stations.
Sonicart is a free program that works well. Sonicart allows us to use older Windows 98SE equipped computers down to 350Mhz without glitch.
Studio Tour Continues
Studio7 was built wired and maintained by
the students of Radio Brandy

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